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PIVA – Task Force for the Integration of Foreigners

Support for migrants and asylum seekers regarding social and cultural integration and the breaking down of mutual reserve and prejudice. Direct help via an advisory service. A club where they can meet people, language courses, childcare and help with learning, information events, cross-cultural projects, school projects.

Italiener Straße 17, 9500 Villach  ,  Tel.: 04242/36363                                        Email: burgi.decker@piva.or.at und beratung@piva.or.at  , www.piva.or.at 

Wernberg Monastery

Austrian provincial centre of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood. Committed to improving women and children’s lives all around the world, in association with peace, justice and the preservation of creation. Direct help via an advisory service, language courses, help with learning . . .

Schwester Andreas, Klosterweg 2, 9241 Wernberg  , Tel.: 04252 / 2216 Email:sr.andreas@klosterwernberg.at

Aspis Society

Research and advice centre for victims of violence. Socio-psychological care for traumatised asylum seekers, educational tuition with a focus on Chechnya.

Sigi Stupnig, Institut für Psychologie, Universität Klagenfurt, Universitätsstraße 70, Haus 10, A-9020 Klagenfurt , Tel.: 0650 / 9580586                                       Email: sstupnig@edu.uni-klu.ac.at und aspis@uni-klu.ac.at   ,  www.aspis.at 

Centre for Peace Studies and Research – Klagenfurt University

Academic discussion with questions on migration in the context of peace studies as the main focus of research. Migration and local authorities; research projects; “culture and conflict”, education in the area of peace studies and research. Publications on the subject of migration.

Dr. Bettina Gruber. Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt. Universitätsstr. 65-67, 9020 Klagenfurt , Tel.: 0463 / 2700-8650  , Email: bettina.gruber@uni-klu.ac.at;  www.uni-klu.ac.at/frieden 

„Welcome Neighbour!" Society

Support and help with going to the authorities, looking for an apartment, parents’ evenings and many other problems of everyday life. At the moment four free German courses are being offered weekly and there is help with reading for primary school children. Joint leisure activities are also being organized, for example trips out and intercultural cooking.

Verein "Willkommen Nachbarn!"
For the attention of Susanne Zimmermann
Italienerstr. 13/1 , 9500 Villach 
Tel.:+43-650-8031954  ,  

Kontakt: willkommen-nachbarn@gmx.at     

Amnesty International – Villach Group

Active everywhere where human rights are under threat. The cornerstone is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Brauhausgasse 10, 9500 Villach , Email: ai-villach@amnesty.at ,  www.amnesty.at

St. Ruprecht Protestant Church

Current emphasis: the setting up of a „cross-cultural garden" so that people can meet others with different cultural origins.

St. Ruprechter Platz 6, 9523 Landskron , Tel.: 04242 41712                            Email: silvia-lackner@tele2.at

One World Alliance, Carinthia

Pressure to migrate and xenophobia are phenomena that run deep wherever human beings live together in the world. Structural conditions have to be changed. Workshops in schools and reflections on “What future are we building”.

Brauhaussgasse 10, 9500 Villach ; Tel.: 04242/24617                                   Email: buendnis.oeie-bildung@aon.at          ,           www.kaernoel.at/oeie

Climate Alliance

· World climate problems have ramifications for the subject of migration,assome people are being deprived of their means of existence because of climate change. 

Manager: Mag. Christian Salmhofer

Moosburgerstraße 9 , 9201 Krumpendorf  ,  Telephone and fax numbers: +43-4229-40373 bzw.+43-699-10976125

Email: kaern@klimabuendnis.at    ,   www.klimabuendnis.at

Villach Memorial Society

Investigation into the national socialist tyranny in Carinthia, Oberkrain/Gorenje and Friaul.

Dealing with research results and circulating them among the people.

Developing and establishing an appropriate remembrance culture in our society.

Chairman:Hans Haider, E-Mail : h.g.haider@net4you.at 

Rosegg Memorial Society

At our centre our event-oriented activities have so far addressed the national socialist past of the market town of Rosegg.

As a society we want subjects which are marginalized in the public consciousness, to seize them, deal with them factually and call up people’s memories. We deal with regional and global exploitation and discrimination and want to work against racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny and other forms of exclusion in society.

Chairwoman:  Elisabeth Prettner ,        Email: prettnerelis@gmx.at

Tabea Help for Life/Westbahnhoffnung Villach

We provide open-door accommodation and support for people in need – guests are handled with dignity.

Leiter: Marjan Kac. Westbahnhof Villach, Steinwenderstr. 2, 9500 Villach. tel. 43 (664)73531741, Email:  office@westbahnhoffnung.at 

Social Welfare Work for Refugees

Independent legal advice. People on the run in many cases face a complex, unmanageable and above all alien legal and social system in their country of destination. We offer the chance to receive independent free professional legal advice in detention centres in Klagenfurt or Villach to convention refugees, subsidiary protected beneficiaries, asylum seekers and to other people who are living in basic conditions in Carinthia.

Susanne Jelenik , Adalbert Stifterstraße 1  ,  9500 Villach , Tel.: +43-664-886 82 319 ,  Email: susanne.jelenik@diakonie.at or beratung.kaernten@diakonie.at ,                        www.fluechtlingsdienst.diakonie.at 

Ladybird Centre of Excellence

The Ladybird Centre of Excellence is an advisory and social centre in Feldkirchen. The centre is at everybody’s disposal for discreet, free and anonymous help, regardless of their age and whatever their request. Candidness, respect for the individual and a sensitive approach are the way we operate for the benefit of everyone. We are there to accompany and support you concerning legal issues (for example, health, an apartment, and work, family) and to offer help with any unanswered questions in these areas. We are also a link (connection) for any cultural concerns (language). Kirchgasse 21, 9560 Feldkirchen,Tel.:0650-3187598 

Email: info@ladybird-feldkirchen.com  , Web: www.ladybird-feldkirchen.com 

And several dedicated individuals 

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