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- To apprehend fears in the general public and to address them

- To raise awareness of the subject of migration at all levels

- To improve the atmosphere of communities living together in the Villach area and Carinthia

- To bring about equal opportunities for shared resources

- To promote tolerance between different cultural communities

- To establish basic conditions which permit endorse a diversity variety of lifestyles - To develop mutual acceptance and tolerance

- To promote others' access to information on their own history, language, religion and culture

- To promote willingness to learn from one another

- To observe and promote multilingualism and mutually enriching cultural diversity

- To highlight connections between the global economic system and employment market - a debate on "a different type of society".

  Setting up activities 

- Public information events for the preparation of informed thematic material.

- Projects and measures in schools and in adult education

- Public relations / work with the media - Contact with cultural societies in Villach

- Planning and involvement in the creation of a general principle of integration for Villach.

   1.Preliminary Considerations

     2. What's behind all this?

      3. What does Plattform Migration do?

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